Rakpoka Board Game

RAKPOKA™ Board Game is stylishly packaged in a portable tube and ideal for travel, the (46cm x 46cm) rubber, non-slip mat has a luxurious satinised finish. Cards are replaced with two decks of tiles, dealt from a velvet drawstring bag. Also included are four tile racks, spare tiles, score pad, pencil and rules booklet. This high quality product can be reserved via the ‘contact us’ page.

RAKPOKA™ is an easy to learn seven card poker style tile game for 2 or more players ages 8 to adult. Unlike poker there is no bluffing or gambling involved in the game. Play is on a 46cm x 46cm rubber mat using two traditional decks of playing-card tiles. Each player, in turn, selects and lays combinations of traditional poker hands in a crossword fashion to secure the highest possible score. (Scoresheets are printed on each side of the mat.) Scores can be doubled, trebled, quadrupled or quintupled by laying hands over Bonus Squares (labelled x2, x3 and x4). A maximum of five tiles can be laid in a single row on any given turn.

The game begins by laying 7 communal random tiles across the white (RAK) squares on the centre of the mat. Players may then, in turn, build (POKA) hands of up to 5 tiles off of the RAK tiles.

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Rules of RAKPOKA

Rakpoka Rules Page 2Rakpoka Rules Page 3

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Rakpoka Board Game Rakpoka Board Game Rakpoka Board Game Rakpoka Board Game
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